The championship took place on Wednesday, and was a great day for all involved. Although a little cloudy, the constant breeze meant conditions couldn't have been much better for all the sailors and windsurfers (although I don't think the kayakers appreciated it too much)!

The overall winners in the three catergories we had up at the lake were:



Matt West
(Cornwall College)

Drew Nickless

(Stourbridge College)

Tom Seaton

(Truro College)



Jonathan Mount

(Penwith College)

Elliot Delf

(Cornwall College)


Katie Davies

(Port Neath Talbot College)
Matthew Square

(Stourbridge College)


Joe Bastion
(Truro College)

Jonnie Cook
(Cornwall College)

Sean Clark
(South East Derbyshire College)

The times from the kayak marathon were as follows:

18:00 v Jonnthan Mount (Penwith College)
19:15 v Elliot Delf (Cornwall College)
19:54 v Katie Davies (Neath Port Talbot College)
21:10 Matthew Square (Stourbridge College)
23:03 Chris Briscoll (Neath Port Talbot College)
23:10 v Sean Marsland (Cirencester College)
23:50 Sophie Roche (Sutton Coldfields Colege)
24:44 James Burnside (North Devon College)
24:55 v Jordan Brooks (Cirencester College)
25:00 v Charlie Bond (Cirencester College)
25:15 v Tolly Robinson (Truro College)
25:17 Jack Newton (Neath Port Talbot College)
25:20 Andrew Jones (Cirencester College)
25:37 Stacey Mann (North Devon College)
25:39 v Jamie Fleming (Exeter College)
26:00 Bernice Owen (Sutton Coldfields College)
26:50 Callum Brown (Cirencester College)
29:10 Russell Day (Sutton Coldfields College)
29:15 v Thomas Hibberd (Stourbridge College)

Apologies are due to all of the kayakers - we were using two different types of boat on the day, and one was generaly decided to be a faster design than the other. Racers using the fast boats are marked above with a 'v' next to their time. A penalty was added to these times, based on the difference between the fastest circuits in each boat type.


Each competitor was entered into a raffle for some of the many goodies privided by Faltown Skateboards and Freeriders surf shop, although the winners in each event got first pick of the prizes, of course!

A big thanks too, to PureBlue Water, Mars and Redbull, who showed up on the day and provided us all with plenty of fluid to keep us going, and Olympus who provided two digital cameras for us to give away.


Please watch this space for pictures and videos, which will be going up in due time.


Lastly; a big well done, and thank you to all of the competitors and volunteers who came along and made the day such a success. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves - we certainly did.

1st National BCS Watersports Championship

Hi guys, following our practice run of the event, on the 22nd April, some changes were made to the format of the actual day - if you are coming along, and have already read this blog once, you may want to read again, to catch up on the revised schedule for the day...

The event will be held at two locations - Surfing will happen at Gwithian whilst Stithians Reservoir will play host to sailing, windsurfing and kayaking tournaments...

Located roughly here...

Here are some outlines for the competition;


We are expecting 14 competitors for the sailing competition. Heats will start on the hour, and at 30 minutes past the hour, and will last 15 minutes each. We anticipate everyone will get three heats to score points, between 1:00pm and 5:30pm and the top ten will go through to semi-finals, and the top four then going into a final.

Each race will start with contestants standing in the water holding the bow of their boat. There will be a triangualr course to navigate your way around - the size of the course and the number of laps will be decided on the day depending on conditions.


We are expecting 12 windsurfers. Heats will start at 15 mins and 45 mins past the hour, from 1:15 until 5:15, and will last 15 mins each. The top 8 will go through to semi-finals, with the top four racing in a final.

Each race will start with contestants standing in the water holding their board. There will be a triangualr course to navigate, and agian, the size of this course, and the number of laps will depend on the weather.


The day will start with a 2-mile marathon circuit (just to warm you up)! Contestants leave in groups of three, every five minutes. When one boat comes back from the marathon, the next racer in line will jump in and start, once their time has been recorded of course.

Once the marathons are all finished, and everyone has had a small breather, the sprints will get under way. These 400m races will be running every 15 minutes, again culminating in semi's and a final.


1st place 1 point
2nd place 2 points
3rd place 3 points
any other finish 4 points
No finish 5 points

The winners will be the contestants with the lowest combined scores.

Participants' scores will be added together to build combined college scores and the winning college team will be taking home the trophy.

There will be a 'no protest' rule in effect throughout the competition, and decisions made by our on-the-water observers on the day will be final.


Watch this space for an updated schedule for the day at Stithians.


There wil be food and drinks available all day thanks to the Lakeview cafe.


That's it for now, can't wait to see you there!